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Dear NABS members,

I am writing once again regarding NABS’ 2nd annual Pennies for Pages
fundraiser. We have received a great response so far, but we are still
seeking readers
and sponsors to take part in this exciting fundraising effort!

This fundraiser is being run in conjunction with the Braille Readers are
Leaders contest, which starts on November 1 and runs through January 4, so
is still plenty of time to sign up. In fact, readers can sign up for the
contest and start soliciting pledges up through the end of the contest on

The idea is this. Students, or anybody else who is interested in helping
to raise money for Braille literacy and our national and state student
can sign up to participate in the Braille Readers are Leaders program and
then solicit donations from friends, family, or anybody really, for
Braille pages
read throughout the duration of the contest. Of course, donations of fixed
sums are also gratefully accepted.

If you are already participating in either the K-12 or Adult Braille
Readers are Leaders contests, you can simply register with NABS as a
reader and find
people to sponsor you for each page you read. To register as a reader with
NABS, please fill the online form at:

Or contact Sean Whalen at
smwhalenpsp at gmail.com

 or 608 332-4147.

If you are not yet signed up for the contest, no worries! The reading
contest runs from November 1, 2010 through January 4, 2011, and
registration for Braille
Readers are Leaders is open now, and will remain open throughout the
duration of the contest. To register for either the K-12 or Adult Braille
are Leaders Contests, please go to
. And, remember, once you have registered for the contest, sign up with
NABS to participate in our Pennies for Pages fundraising effort!

If, rather than registering as a reader, you would like to support NABS’
efforts by sponsoring a reader, or making a fixed donation, please either
as a sponsor at:


or contact Sean Whalen at
smwhalenpsp at gmail.com

 or 608 332-4147.

Donations can be accepted in cash or as checks made out to the National
Association of Blind Students and can be given to our Treasurer, Nijat
Worley, either
in person at Washington Seminar or sent, via postal mail, to:

Nijat Worley

2905 East College Ave, Unit 106

Boulder, CO 80303

If you wish to participate or have any questions at all about the plan,
please contact Sean Whalen at either 608-332-4147 or
smwhalenpsp at gmail.com

. I will be compiling the list of participants and would be happy to
answer any questions which anybody might have.

Any money we raise through Pennies for Pages will be shared, in equal
portions, between NABS, the National Association to Promote the Use of
Braille, and
the state student divisions (or affiliates) in which the readers reside.

NABS looks forward to working together to raise money for, and promote
awareness of, Braille literacy!


 Sean Whalen

Darian Smith
Board member
 National Association of Blind Students

DSmith at nabslink.org


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