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The following comes from the Newly Elected president of the National
Association of Blind  Students, Sean Whalen.  It is  forwarded from
the nabs and nabs-l lists, and is regarding the new board and future
plans that we all can take part in.

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Good evening to all,

It would appear as though I am a bit late to the party on this one, but
thanks to Mary Fernandez for passing along the names of the newly elected
board members. To Reiterate, the NABS Board for the next year will consist

President - Sean Whalen (Virginia)

Vice President - Karen Anderson (Nebraska)

2nd Vice President - Darian Smith (California)

Treasurer - Shelby Ball (Georgia)

Secretary - Cindy Bennett (North Carolina/Minnesota)

Board Member - Candice Chapman (Mississippi)

Board Member - Meghan Whalen (Wisconsin)

Board Member - Briley Pollard (Virginia)

Board Member - Domonique Lawless (Louisiana)

I very much look forward to working closely with not only the Board and our
state presidents, but also any and all blind students who wish to contribute
to the work of NABS and the NFB. I am excited and optimistic about the
coming year, and hope you are, too. There is a ton of work to be done, and I
know that there are lots of great ideas floating around out there - both on
and off the board. I ask all of you to consider getting involved and helping
out on projects or committees that interest you. I am more than open to
suggestions, thoughts, ideas and criticisms, so please do be in touch with
me or a member of the Board. You can reach me via email at
nabs.president at gmail.com or via call or text at (608) 332-4147.

I know there are a lot of talented and motivated folks out there, including
some of you who ran for positions last week. I hope you will lend us your
abilities and help NABS build a brighter future for all blind students,
while strengthening the National Federation of the Blind. I can't stress
enough how important the help of everybody will be in accomplishing our
goals. Stay tuned for future posts with more details about opportunities to
help out, and don't be too surprised if you get a call, text or tweet from
one of us encouraging you to get involved. We are in the process of setting
up our first board meeting, where committees and projects to prioritize will
take shape and be clarified, so details about what kind of work there is to
be done will be made available shortly.

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the prior board, with whom I
have had the pleasure of working for the past two years. In particular I
would like to thank Arielle Silverman for her leadership, hard work and
friendship over many years. Arielle is a strong leader who is willing to
hear differing points of view and weigh all sides of an issue before making
a decision - something I have always appreciated. Arielle, NABS is a
stronger organization now than it was six years ago due in no small part to
your efforts over those six years and your steady leadership over the last
two. We were all lucky to have you, and be assured that I will look to you
for your thoughts and opinions over my term as President.

Ok then. That is about all for now. Keep an eye on the list - and on
www.nabslink.org - to see what NABS is up to and where you might get

Take care,


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