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Hello Nabs-ters,

 Recall that  we had  a back to school call a few weeks ago with  a couple of all-star speakers.
 If  for some reason you missed it   or need to get their wisdom again, I am pleased to tell you that they  have been so kind as to give you a written account of their secrets to  unending and invaluable academic and social success.
 First from Cody: Back to School Conference Call Notes
Requesting Accommodations
It is important to request accommodations with Disability Support Services ahead of time.
They will usually give out accommodation letters to give to professors that list the granted accommodations.
Give letter to professor before start of class via email or in person
D. Ask if he or she has additional questions comments or concerns so these issues can be handled ahead of time.
Obtaining Text Books
A. Learning Ally is a great resource

  Membership costs $100 but may be able to have DVR pay the cost or be put on school membership

B. Book share also carries a wide variety of books

Excellent because it is free to students

In the text book cannot be obtained through an outside resource your DSO should be able to convert it or obtain an accessible copy from the publisher.

Inaccessible projects
Often times (depending on major) some students will be challenged with projects or assignments that are inaccessible as a result of computer programs

Options Available:

Ask professor for alternative assignment that achieves the same purpose.

Hire reader to help assist in describing visual aspects of the project.

Work with a classmate if allowed on the project but make sure that you are contributing to the project and gaining an understanding of the material even of your partner may have to perform certain tasks due to their inaccessibility.

*There is a time and place for all of the above said methods.

4. Hiring Readers

 If material is technical make sure to hire someone who understands it if it

Often times the head of the department can recommend exceptional students to you as readers.

And from Liliya:
NABS Comference Call Write up that took place on: Sept 22nd, 2013. 

At: 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Speaker Presented on Behalf of Involvement on Campus and Campus Orientation: Liliya Asadullina

College orientation usually takes place 3 to 4 days during the summer. The college offers several times that you can choose to attend.

Orientation includes a tour of campus and dorms, activities for Freshmenn, Freshmenn class meeting which is called Freshmenn convocation. This is a time to meet others and ask any questions that you may have. Some activities will be present so that you could get to know people. Activities may include movie night, ice cream social, and small group activities.

You will have a small group leader who will be like a tour guide for you during your orientation session. You will have free meals in the cafeteria to get you oriented and you will listen to a few speakers. The speakers will inform you of vital information.

You will have a random room mate for the time of the orientation. Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there and meet new people. It will be uncomfortable at first, but it will be beneficial if you do so.

Welcome week:

This week includes activities from all of the campus organizations and clubs. The orgs / clubs will have intro sessions that will inform you about their goals and what they are all about.

Essentially it is a week to explore what is on Campus. There will be also social events such as bbq’s and movie nights in order for the Freshmenn to get to know each other.

The housing department will hoast events as well. 

You will have a floor dorm meeting with your residential adviser, (RA.) Your RA might have an activity planned for you. An RA is like a mother/father figure of the Freshmenn floor. He/she is an upper classman who is in charge of the dorm floor. They make sure everyone is getting along and if not they will write people up. They are there to help if anyone needs it. They inform everyone who lives on that floor about up coming events.

Every floor in a dorm setting has an RA.


Getting involved on campus can help you establish long-term friendships, relationships, and provide you with good connections.

Get out of your comfort zone by putting yourself into big crowded events, and introducing yourself to random people.

Go join clubs that no one you know is in it.


Make yourself a daily calendar. Fill in your times and activities/class schedule.

Getting Oriented to Campus:

Walk through the class schedule a few times before school begins. Have a parent or friend walk through the schedule with you. Even a college disabilities office staff can help you with that. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions if you are lost. This is also another way to make friends.

You also have an option to get your OVR Rehab center to pay for you to get an  O and M instructor, but don’t utilize them too much. 

If you have any further questions about college life, feel free to email me at: aliliya at msudenver.edu

Thank you all and best wishes to your college experiences!

 Again, many thanks to  the presenters of this topic, as they gave us very valuable information.
 Remember, we are always looking for topics for membership calls and  presenters for those calls.
 Should  you have any questions/need  some help developing your idea, or have any other questions regarding nabs,
 please feel free to  contact me via the below information.
 Thank you,
  Darian please feel free to contact me via the information below. 

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