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Curiosity & The Blind Photographer
A talk by Mark Willis (2007)


David Kontra Norwood, MO

Paintings and music



article excerpt
Touch some touching, tough art
The new “Driven” exhibition, a nationally juried show coming from 
Washington, D.C., contains the work of 15 young artists with 
disabilities. The oldest is 24; the youngest, 16; and their various 
affectations range from attention-deficit disorder to nerve disease, 
blindness and schizophrenia. .....The most arresting works are put in 
direct line of view. The first one you’ll see is E. Brooke Lanier’s 
version of a Snellen eye chart, which reads “I cannot see you but I know 
you are staring at me.”

To carry the show’s theme even further, Pixley hung a series of Braille 
paintings by Guy Cobb in the third gallery. Each delightfully colorful 
and textured, Cobb intended these works to be touched.

article excerpt
Visual arts notes: Painting without sight and abstract treats
What, then, of artists nearing the end of their sight? "Blindsight: A 
New Perspective on Seeing" dispenses with any need of asking that 
question -- in theory. Instead, it presents works by four painters who 
started their careers with full vision, only to have it deteriorate 
almost completely. The result is an exhibit surrounded by questions of 
whether artistic ideas and visions are more grounded in the mind or the 
outside world.



The purpose of this site is to provide resources for amateur and 
professional astronomers challenged by less than ideal viewing 
conditions, or those who are visually impaired or blind.

A blog listing news and updates for the cloudymidnights site - a site 
dedicated to climatically challenged or visually impaired astronomers.

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