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*Fitchburg State College 
<http://www.seeingwithphotography.com/swpc_home.html>.* /Shooting Blind: 
Photographs by the Visually Impaired./ Gallery Talk: 6:30pm. Opening 
Reception: 7pm. 978.345.2151. Campus Center Art Gallery, 160 Pearl St., 
Fitchburg MA 01420.

Eurobank implements “Design for All” principles

article excerpt

Ripley: Mesa students find inclusive sculptures along light rail
There’s an inscription under a bronze sculpture at a light rail station 
under “A” mountain in Tempe that I’m betting you can’t read.

Oh, if you took a good look at the sculpture you might recognize it as 
Roosevelt Dam, just as you undoubtedly would recognize the one next to 
it as the Tovrea Castle. (That’s the wedding-shaped building that looks 
out on East Valley commuters as they curve on the Loop 202 near Phoenix 
Sky Harbor International Airport).

You might recognize the sculptures but you probably couldn’t read the 
inscriptions because they are in Braille and only in Braille.

I can’t read Braille either, but I know what the inscription says 
because several of my companions on a light rail outing this last week 
are blind or teach the visually impaired. In fact, there was quite a bit 
of chatter about the inscription as we left the rail and headed toward 
the park-and-ride lot next to the Sycamore Station in west Mesa.

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Model of new Stillwater lift bridge offers a vision in green

A three-dimensional model of the proposed Lift Bridge also will be on 

The model is about 2 1/2 feet tall and was created by Feyereisen Studios 
of Minneapolis. It was designed using Braille and other features to also 
allow the visually impaired to experience the model.

"It's a very unique model and it's the first time we ever built a model 
for the blind," said Bob Feyereisen, whose company built the model with 
the help of two consultants from the blind community, Ken Rodgers and Jo 

The $10,000 model has lampposts held in place by magnets so that they 
can detach, instead of break off, when someone touches them. And the 
crosswalks, instead of just being painted, have a thickness so that a 
blind person can feel there's a crosswalk there, Feyereisen said.



Tactile Maps


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