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One-Eyed Artist Creates Wonderful World

Ludwig van Beethoven was considered a musical genius, composing 
symphonies in spite of the loss of his hearing.

The Virgin Valley has its own artistic genius, a man who has overcome 
the loss of sight in one eye to produce gorgeous landscapes and paintings.

They say that "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

If true, then one-eyed artist Golden Millward's kingdom would be beautiful.

Millward paints stunning landscapes and western scenes on canvas, 
depicting the west as it was, and even as it still is in the desert 
frontier surrounding Mesquite.

And he does it in spite of losing his eye nearly six years ago.

Millward and his wife were on hand at last weekend's Mesquite Arts 
Festival, offering several of his breathtaking paintings to those 
looking to bring the great outdoors into their homes.

While a patch covers his right eye, Millward's left one gleams with the 
joy of life and mischief as he tells his tale.

"I've lived most of this," Millward said with an endless smile on 
Sunday, nodding toward the walls of the temporary structure covered with 
his work depicting cowboys, steers, and the desert. "I used to rodeo, 
I've raised livestock, driven trucks, and been in the meat business."

After being mugged in 1972, Millward lost the sight in his right eye, 
but never let it stop him from working and living life to its fullest.

In 2003, after years of atrophy and advancing glaucoma, doctors made the 
decision to remove the eye and replace it with an artificial one.

link http://www.mesquitelocalnews.com/viewnews.php?newsid=3984&id=2

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