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Sending a few excerpts from different articles and links.

*/Hand In Hand, Waukesha Civic Theatre, 10/15 to 10/19/*

*/The WCT is hosting an interesting, experimental drama project written 
and performed by Leslye Orr. It’s part of a Potawatomi Bingo And Casino 
Miracle On Canal Street charity award that the group received; the award 
allows younger audiences to travel and see theater at no charge. While 
several of the performances are for the school set, a handful are 
reserved for general audiences, too. In the play, “audience members 
experience a heightened awareness of their own senses. They are seated 
in a spiral configuration in the Ralph North Studio Theatre, asked to 
close their eyes and are brought in touch with the world of Helen 
Keller, who was deaf and blind, and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, who was 
legally blind. A myriad of objects are passed around the spiral while 
actress Leslye Orr tells a riveting story inspired by the profound 
letters and witty lectures of the great educator and her spirited 
pupil.” Visit the WCT website or call 262-547-0708 262-547-0708 for 
tickets; school viewings are free but must be arranged./*

Leslye Orr, who has been legally blind since birth, leads this 
experimental theater piece at Waukesha Civic Theater. Photo courtesy the 



from book review of How to Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall

the reason I have taken this is because it is a novel with a portrayal 
of an artist who is blind

- novels etc are factors that create the general understanding of visual 
impairments and art etc

.... Four chapters that recur through the book recount the lives of four 

There are the Italians in the 1960s: Annette Tambroni, a blind florist 
who once

harbored dreams of becoming an artist, ....



Jim McCarthy will present a short program on George Mendoza, a legally 
blind artist, athlete, painter and writer from Las Cruces. Mendoza is 
currently working on quilting fabrics. Meet other members of the group 
who are also losing their sight or are blind and have learned to live 
with this disability.

For more information, call Pat at (575) 388-1108.


excerpt of article

The Art of Silence <http://www.paigestringer.com/blog/?p=492>

He mentors young artists now, including blind children. He explained 
that he teaches them the concept of hot and cold palettes by running 
cold water over their hands or hovering their hands over a flame, 
depending on the color being introduced. “The pictures of the blind 
children are the very best because they paint from the imagination. I do 
not have to teach them how to paint with feeling.”



Kids with Vision - 10/8/2009

Broome Community College student Casey Coolbaugh has no trouble seeing 
filmmaking in his future...but sometimes the rest of his life can get a 
little blurry.

"Without my glasses, I can't see anything. I mean, probably about four 
inches in front of my face is as focused as I can get," he said.

Coolbaugh said his latest project made him realize his vision problems 
really aren't that bad. He was one of a handful of students recruited by 
the founder of a local non-profit organization -- Kids with Vision -- to 
help spread awareness about childhood blindness in developing countries.

Founder Faizan Siddiqi says 500,000 children around the world go blind 
every year from preventable causes like malnutrition.


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