[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Where The Blind work Acting/Performing Arts

Robert Newman newmanrl at cox.net
Sat Oct 31 06:10:10 UTC 2009

The NFB Where The Blind Work Needs acting (performing arts) Job Descriptions

We need job descriptions from any of you who are blind and are acting 
on stage, in film or in ads. We need you to provide us with a 
description of what acting is like, how you entered this profession 
and how you do it. Your description will be added to the NFB's "Where 
The Blind work," a new and ever growing resource of career 
descriptions and how the blind compete within them. This is a great 
resource to assist youth to plan for future employment and for the 
adult who is looking to change jobs and/or careers.

Your description must follow the below five question format:
When completed please email them to me at 
<mailto:newmanrl at cox.net>newmanrl at cox.net

  (A * indicates a required field):

1. * Name, * Industry in which you work, * Job title, Address 1, 
Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Phone number, E-mail,

* 2. Please explain to us what any worker would do on this job 
(specialized blindness alternatives will appear below).

* 3. Please tell us the cause of your blindness. Then, let us know 
about the alternative methods and/or techniques you use to perform your job.

* 4. Please let us know of any required special training, education, 
certificates, experience, etc. needed for this job.

* 5. Please tell us about anyone or anything that aided you to be successful.

(A joint project between the Jernigan Institute and the NFB Writers' 
Division; for all people)

Visit  the "Where The Blind Work" at-


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