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Mon Dec 28 10:23:43 UTC 2009

Compo and Foggy star in comic strip; American fan draws Summer Wine
VETERAN comedy Last Of The Summer Wine has inspired a blind American 
artist to draw a comic strip featuring its well-loved characters.
Despite living 6,000 miles away in North Carolina – and having never 
ventured outside the USA – Claye Hodge has taken his inspiration from 
the famous Holmfirth sitcom.
And his hope now is that one day he will visit the Holme Valley.
The 35-year-old is registered blind and only has limited sight in one eye.
But he’s able to watch DVDs of the hit comedy show if he sits close-up 
to the TV.
The art graduate then draws the cartoon strips on an art tablet linked 
up to his computer.
He dreams of visiting Holmfirth to see where his favourite show was filmed.


some links to articles about projects from ICT 
Graphical world opens for visually-impaired people

Linear Access to Mathematics for Braille Devices and Audio-synthesis
An innovative and integrated system to manage scientific documents with 
Braille devices and vocal synthesis

Multimedia format to integrate Braille music
Braille music notation is about to get easier, thanks to the emerging 
music XML format. Based on code developed under the Play2 
<http://www.dodiesis.com/> project, this format will lead to better 
integration of music notation in the common MPEG multimedia standard.

Visually-challenged computer users can now explore technical drawings

An added dimension for virtual museums

Bringing computer gaming to the visually impaired

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