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This newsletter is not about the professional integration of the blind
for a change. Instead, it

* Announces the "tactile event" that was initiated in cooperation with
the big educational facility Bartimeus from the Netherlands for the
SightCity 2010.

* Informs about our co-exhibitors.

* Lists a few of the prizes that you can get for free at our stand if
you are bold and/or beautiful.

1. Tactile event - Cooperation with Dick Lunenborg and his team from

For several years we are researching and developing in cooperation with
the educational facility Bartimeus from the Netherlands. Dick Lunenborg
is the project manager of the project "label your environment" at
Bartimeus. He works with blind children and children with multiple
disabilities. For example, several tactile learning materials were made
to speak using Tag It Guide. These include models of body parts and plants.

Dick Lunenborg was the first person to supply content for our talking
skeleton "Johnny". Dick Lunenborg travels worldwide from congress to
congress and is always one of the first persons to sample new
technologies that might be helpful for education or could advance the
area of assistive technology.

We had the idea to bring schools, companies and private persons together
who work in the area of tactile media when we visited the BETT-show in
London last year. Our first step towards this goal was to invite
interested parties to become a co-exhibitor at our stand and share their
products and ideas. If everything works out as planned, we will follow
up with a workshop or even an international symposium.

Because of the enormous run on the available places this year, we could
not secure neighboring stands. You can find Bartimeus at stand F11 and
we will occupy the stands F18 to F21 together with the co-exhibitors.

Dick Lunenborg will be showing a system based on Tag It Guide that
allows to depict building structures, a campus or street maps and the
likes in practically no time at all. Just by using a magnetic board and
magnetic pieces, he can build these structures and by using RFID labels,
he can connect the pieces with audio information. Bartimeus already uses
this system to show students how their future school or the university
is built. We call this system DL Rapid ProtoTyping and it is for example
of interest for the areas of orientation and mobility.

Co-exhibitors at Bartimeus include Suzanne van den Bercken, a blind
expert for tactile media, Hoëlle Corvest of the science museum in Paris
and a few staff members from Bartimeus. Dorine in 't Veldt, who manages
for example projects for museums, will be present as well.

Our stand will feature:

* Jaap Breider (Founder of ALVA) with TactileView.
www.tactileview.com  <http://www.tactileview.com>

* Grenzenlos gGmbH

*Touch from Hamburg

2. Co-exhibitors

The company Hantz+Partner from Freiburg will show several
CD/DVD-Copysystems. Additionally, they will show professional storage
solutions that are necessary for companies, public authorities,
associations and so forth.


Dr. Andreas Hub of Stuttgart University will present TANIA - a system
that navigates blind people outdoors as well as indoors.

ViewPlus from the USA will show Brailleprinters that print in ink and
emboss. They will also show other products as for example IVEO that adds
audio information to tactile printouts.

The company Bones, known for the MileStone, will show PAVIP. Stephan
Knecht says:

"We would like to show our solution for public transportation, the
PAVIP, at the stand of DL Info."

It is based on the MileStone 312 that can also be used for Tag It and
Tag It Guide. We will also be showing how this works.

* Only on Thursday will we have Klaus Knopper at our stand who will show
his Knoppix Linux.

3. Prizes, prizes, prizes!

We have 5 headphones, 50 MP3-players, 4 GB SD-cards, organic apples and
bananas, leather wallets for SD-cards, scissors, pens, chocolates and
much more.

Who can get that and how?

As we said, you should be bold or beautiful - best chances if you are

However, you can also play our little game with us:
You will be standing in front of a kind of vending area that consists of
several small drawers. You tell Christine Kirschke what you
would like to have. She will enter a search for the item into Tag It.
You will receive our "magic wand" which will direct you with simple
instructions ("Up", "Down" and so on) to the desired prize.

This demonstration can be directly transferred to any kind of warehouse
or storage situation and other similar situations. It shows, how new
areas of activity can be made accessible for the blind.

We invite everyone interested in audio-tactile media and the
professional integration of the blind. We are always very excited about
your ideas and suggestions.

This year, you can find our stand at the end of a long, long corridor
past the cafeteria. You will have to make another turn to the right and
then you are almost there - very easy to find indeed.

Yours sincerely,

Hansjörg Lienert

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