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**Entombed is a large dungeon delving RPG game for the blind or visually 
impaired. It's designed to be  exciting and replayable --- A game you 
can play for months or years.*
***Choose from dozens of races and classes to create the ultimate 
dungeon crawling group. Make use of powerful warriors, cunning thieves, 
dastardly necromancers and more! Discover hundreds of unique weapons, 
armor, and magic spells to help you on your way. Through tragedy or 
triumph your score will be displayed on Entombed's online score boards 
for all to admire.
The image museum
The Alinari National Museum of Photography in Florence.

The *MNAF* has other interesting sections too: from those dedicated to 
the *history of cameras and photographic albums* to the fascinating 
Touch Museum. The *Touch Museum's tour itinerary*, created in 
collaboration with *Tuscany's "Stamperia Braille"* and the *Italian 
Association for the Blind*, features a series of relief interpretations 
of 20 of the photographs in the exhibition, created so that visually 
disabled visitors can *experience the artworks via touch*. This section 
is open both to the visually impaired and the sighted, and offers all 
visitors a *unique sensorial experience*.


Blind With Camera: Images from a world that is not seen 
It's a particularly fascinating idea -- visually impaired taking 
photographs. Did this idea take you a few seconds to comprehend? This is 
one of the most wonderful initiatives that have broken the myths about 
limitation. Blind with Camera, a wing of the Beyond Sight Foundation, is 
an initiative that has empowered many a visually challenged individuals 
to use photography as a medium to express their inner self. Through the 
perception of touch, sound and warmth, we are now welcome to experience 
the world as the blind experience.


Insight into the visual arts
VISION NOT HIS QUEST | Though he's legally blind, Simpson has style like 

The first thing you need to know about David Simpson is he's an artist. 
The second thing is he's visually impaired.
Simpson has lost all vision in one eye and has macular degeneration and 
retinal scarring in the other. But that hasn't stopped him from creating 
a body of work that has a whimsy and style reminiscent of Marc Chagall.
Up close in bright lighting with the right amount of magnification, 
Simpson, who works with acrylics, water colors and pencil, can draw and 
paint almost normally. But it takes a lot of steps to get him to that 
point, and he has to stay very organized.
"I think of a painting as a grid," he explained. "I look at sections. 
Then sections within sections."

PASSIONATE FOCUS'  Through Friday,  Gallery 233, 233 W. Huron,  Free 
admission, (312) 236-8569, . /www.guildfortheblind.org/


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