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NJFFB to Host ASCA Art Exhibition -- Featuring ASCA and Visually 
Impaired Artists

Here in NJ, it's officially the "dog days" of summer. While most Morris 
County residents are looking forward to going to the beach or their 
local lake club, here at the NJ Foundation for the Blind we are doing 
what we love most -- planning an Art Show!
"All About Color" will be an art exhibition where both the juried 
artists from the American Society of Contemporary Artists (ASCA) and 
artists who are severely visually impaired will display their work 
alongside each other. The art exhibition will run from September 14, 
2010 to October 27, 2010. On Saturday, October 17, 2010 NJFFB will be 
hosting a formal reception and sale. More information will be posted on 
our website soon.


Free Audio Described Performance on July 24 for Visually Impaired 
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is offering complimentary tickets 
for an Audio Described Performance to visually impaired people, 
including former and current  NJFFB students.  The  performance is 
George Bernard Shaw's " Arms and The Man."   The Audio Described 
performance is on Saturday, July 24th at 2:00pm.  The audio described 
service would include a Sensory Seminar at 1:00 pm, where patrons will 
have a chance to interact with costumes, props and set pieces.  The 
performance on July 24th also includes a Symposium after the show -- the 
audience is invited to remain when the show is over for a discussion and 
question/answer period with the director and cast.


TLC Laser Eye Centers Becomes Major Sponsor of Sixth Annual "Shared 
Visions 2010-2011 International Art Exhibit"
FULLERTON, CA, Aug 04, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- TLC Laser Eye 
Centers, Fullerton proudly announces its major sponsorship of the Sixth 
Annual "Shared Visions 2010-2011 International Art Exhibit," one of only 
four such art exhibitions of its kind in the United States.

This art exhibit, which will be open to the public and on display during 
normal business hours at the Eye Care Center at the Southern California 
College of Optometry in Fullerton from September 21, 2010 through 
mid-August, 2011, includes 90 works of art by blind and legally blind 
artists from the U.S., Canada, India and Israel.

"It is our pleasure this year to display the artwork of four additional 
and unique local artists at our TLC Laser Eye Center in Fullerton which 
is located one floor above the Eye Care Center," said Dr. Thomas S. 
Tooma, the Medical Director for TLC Laser Eye Centers in Southern 
California and renowned eye surgeon who has performed more than 100,000 
vision correction procedures. "These artists' works will also be on 
display throughout the year for our patients and the general public to 

Local Southern California artists' artwork to be on display at the TLC 
Laser Eye Center, Fullerton includes:

--  William Carlson, 65, of Brea
--  Maria Vargas, 48, of Wilmington
--  Arlissa Vaughn, 27, of Huntington Beach
--  Kurt Weston, 52, of Huntington Beach


Daniel Rubin: Philadelphia woman, 55, takes on challenge of visual art


Theater for Audiences of One

You move from room to room in a mansion, experiencing acts of kindness 
--- like being gently led in a ballroom dance or receiving a hand 
massage. Or, blindfolded, you set out on a journey in five segments with 
different themes: you can remove the blindfold at any point, but that's 
where the journey ends. Or perhaps you wander through an Old World hotel 
as employees tell their stories and ask you questions in turn.


*Legally Blind Artist & Photographer Ava Weinstein *

Part time Palm Springs resident Ava Weinstein was born legally blind; It 
didn't take long to become clear to the little girl sporting "soda-pop" 
glasses, nothing was going to correct her vision; she was also faced the 
reality her sight would continue to diminish with age. In fact, the 
better part of her youth was spent in the care of doctors' offices, 
hospitals and clinics, where she would undergo eye surgery from some of 
the world's finest doctors; only to have each and every visit ending 
with her doctor saying "We're sorry Ava, but there are no miracles for 
you today," she learned early in life, there would be no glasses or 
miracles to help her see the world as other people do.

Armed with the painful truth, etched in her heart, she learned to live 
and develop her sight in a very unique way and her acceptance of being 
born legally blind helped her to embrace the almost "child-like": 
quality of being able to see the "magic" in the world around her.

However the early years for Ava weren't always filled with magical 
adventure; for more than twenty years before heading her artistic 
calling, she worked two full time jobs; during the day she managed 
several successful restaurant franchises and by night she taught court 
mandated classes as a counselor for the county of Los Angeles.


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