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Blind With Camera School of Photography

article excerpt
A novelty overseas, blind dining is coming to NYC

NEW YORK --- A French restaurant group that offers pitch-dark dining is 
preparing to open New York City's first blind eatery.

Eat with your eyes? Not at Dans le Noir?, French for "In the Dark?" At 
the existing restaurants in Paris, London, Barcelona and Moscow, diners 
are guided to a table where they can't see their hands in front of their 
faces and are served by blind waiters.

article excerpt

Accessing the Terracotta Warriors by Touch - ROM Creates Braille Replica 

The Royal Ontario Museum 
<http://heritage-key.com/site/royal-ontario-museum>, in Toronto Canada, 
has brought in a number of features to make their Terracotta Warriors 
<http://heritage-key.com/terracotta-warriors> show more accessible.

They have installed four replica artefacts, along with Braille markings, 
that people can touch. These include a ding ritual vessel, a kneeling 
archer, a cavalry soldier and horse, and a dancer.


Michael Kalish: Color-blind Visionary

The world at your fingertips: 3D TV where you can touch the floating images

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The Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough will premier its new exhibition 
"Art with Feeling: Touch, Look, Listen," on Friday, September 3 from 
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  In partnership with the New Hampshire Association for the Blind and 
the New Hampshire Art Association, Sharon Arts has asked the state's 
visual artists to explore multisensory art, making it accessible to 
those in the community who are blind or visually impaired.


  The idea for "Art with Feeling" comes from an April 2009 exhibition 
collaboration with the same organizations called "Art Beyond Sight."

  The exhibition is open to the public and will be at the Sharon Arts 
Center from September 3 until October 30.


large print/braille tactile book from the British Museum


bruno munari's tactile workshops 



*Stir Center** *is a forum for discussion, a library of resources, a 
series of workshops, and a source for continued creative growth, all 
centered around the topic of design and the human senses.*

You are invited to share your comments and insights on the posts, your 
questions, and varying points of view. You can also browse the 
background </background> and resources </resources> sections to find out 
more of what Stir Center has to offer. Let's get the conversation 
started! SG


links from Stir Center

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