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  *Museum adds tactile objects to exhibition*
The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has installed four tactile replicas 
located on labeled Braille plinths in its feature exhibition /The 
Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army/. The reproductions, 
corresponding to original artifacts displayed in nearby cases, include a 
ding ritual vessel, a kneeling archer, a cavalry soldier on a horse, and 
a dancer. The inclusion of these reproductions, and several other 
enhancements, distinguish /The Warrior Emperor/ as the most accessible 
exhibition in the Museum's history


article with links to articles
An Accessible Mapping System for Visually Impaired Users

links Esref Armagon

Shoot without Sight
The local students of Blind With Camera Project 
were merited in reverse when at an exhibition of their photographs at 
the NCPA <http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/search?q=NCPA> in 
2007, an ageing individual declared indignantly that those pictures 
could not have been taken by the visually impaired: they must have been 
shot by people with sight, and were being palmed off as blind art. In 
his defence, at his age it's probably easier to believe a technological 
miracle than a social one.


Clicking Vision

he visually impaired children of the National Association for the blind, 
St Cruz, recently got involved in a very creative activity that was 
produced through special photography.

A total of 35 participants showcased their visual excellence through a 
photo exhibition that was formally inaugurated by singer, Lorna at the 
Art Gallery, Kala Academy, Panaji.
Of the 35 participants, 60 per cent had low vision, 20 per cent were 
born blind and the other 20 per cent late blind. The photos were clicked 
under the guidance of Photographer, Partho Bhowmick with support from 
Heritage Jazz, Goa.

Labels and keys for tactile graphics


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