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John Bramblitt, talks about art, blindness, books, really good.



/Dark Light:
The Art of Blind Photographers/ Review

When I saw the title of this film, I thought it was a put-on. But the 
existence of blind photographers is only the first revelation of Dark 
Light: The Art of Blind Photographers, a 30-minute documentary short 
that premieres on HBO2 tonight (Nov. 17) at 8:00 PM. Even more amazing 
is that some of them---the three profiled here, for example, are 
actually quite good



Six Remarkable Images from Blind Photographers
Wednesday November 17 at 8:00PM on HBO2 (see our review here 
The three featured photographers are:

*Henry Butler*, the New Orleans jazz piano great, who has been blind 
since infancy and photographs according to the vibrations he believes 
everything gives off,

*Pete Eckert*, who lost his sight mid-life and uses a Braille meter to 
create photographs based completely on mental images, and

*Bruce Hall*, an underwater photographer with severely limited eyesight, 
who also extensively photographs his twin autistic sons.


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