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Monday November 22nd: Art for the Blind

Have you ever wondered what a painting feels like? Or how cuddly a 
sculpture can be? Those questions were answered in a new exhibit that 
was showcased at the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough. Heather Hamel 
shows us how the exhibit was able to remove barriers.


Visually impaired students express themselves through art

/Teachers at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Junior High for blind children in Hanoi 
say their wards tend to lack self-confidence, but they have unlimited 
imagination. /

The idea of tapping this imagination inspired the "Art House", a project 
sponsored by the Lion's Club chapter in Sweden.

The project allows students to express themselves through sculptures.

Statues and reliefs made by students over the last four years or so are 
found all over the shelves and walls of the 70-square-meter house.

Bui The Thanh, one of the students, said he put all his memories of the 
world into his sculptures.

'Touch the Earth' to display at Earth Day on National Mall

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA will present the new tactile 
learning book, "Touch the Earth," on Monday, April 19, in the "NASA 
Village" tent at the Earth Day Celebration on the National Mall 
organized by the Earth Day Network. This will be the first public 
presentation of the book, published last month, with its authors and 
illustrators on hand to demonstrate its unique characteristics.

excerpt blog
_The Phoblographer <http://thephoblographer.com/>_

...The full black and white menu is easier for a visually impaired 
photographer like myself to be able to navigate---and that's what's so 
important to me.



Hope through a lens

The DaDaFest International, a Liverpool-based art festival, this week 
will showcase the works of two visually challenged photographers from 
the city. This is the first time the duo--- Mahesh Umrania and Kanchan 
Pamnani--- are showcasing at an international exhibition after having 
enrolled to study photography with Partho Bhowmick as part of his Blind 
With Camera project.

Umrani and Pamnani were Bhowmick's first students in 2006 after he 
founded the organisation. The duo has attended workshops over the years 
and now contributed to the images that Bhowmick will showcase at the 
exhibition. "The 30-40 images that we're showcasing have been taken by 
numerous blind photographers. They're the best of the lot, and prove 
that even blind people perceive," Bhowmick says.


Our experience of: Take one picture


St. Augustine Art Association holds tactile art show

Touch the artwork, please!" encouraged Elyse Brady, administrator of the 
St. Augustine Art Association, while leading groups of students from the 
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind through the Annual Tactile Art 


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