[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Audio Description Course - Spring 2011

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Audio Description Course - Spring 2011
Study Audio Description
at Montgomery College this Spring!
Audio Description is a literary art form.  It's a type of poetry--a haiku.  It provides a verbal version of the visual--the visual is made verbal, and aural, and oral.
Using words that are succinct, vivid, and imaginative, describers convey the visual image from television and film that is not fully accessible to a significant segment of the population * and not fully realized by the rest of us--the rest of us, sighted folks who see but who may not observe.  Audio describers provide services in various multi-media settings, including theater, television, video, film, exhibits, museums, and educational venues--but also at circuses, rodeos, ice skating exhibitions and myriad sports events.

Joel Snyder


Audio Description Associates, LLC

"The Visual Is Made Verbal"  tm


jsnyder at audiodescribe.com

301 920-0218

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