[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Blindfold photo workshop

Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Thu Mar 3 11:50:20 UTC 2011

Forwarding email from Partho Bhowmick about a new workshop:
After pioneering combining the concepts of blindness and photography for last 4 years, early this year Blind With Camera has launched yet another innovative initiative - Blindfold Photo Workshop for the sighted people.  These workshops are conducted by trained blind photographers, demonstrating a reversal of role, challenging common perceptions and inspiring social change.
 Link below has more details & pictures from the workshop
 Blindfold photo workshop along with multi sensory workshop (simulation of blindness) is offered to corporate and B-schools as part of their leadership, team building and human development programs. It will generate revenue and provide income / livelihood to the visually impaired trainers & guides.
Partho Bhowmick
Initiator of Blind With Camera project
Founder of Beyond Sight Foundation
Mumbai, India
Mobile: +91-9821474731
Beyond Sight Foundation is a nonprofit organisation promoting social integration of people with visual impairment by building capacity for "Non-Retinal" Art culture in India. We provide  training in art, development of creative skills, opportunity to exhibit artworks, equal access to art, economic opportunity for people with visual impairment and conduct sensitization workshops for sighted people to bridge the gap between "us and "them" and increase tolerance in society.

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