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Mixed bag - a lot of sports.


Visually Impaired Golfers Hit Links
The exhibition at Media Day by Nino and Marie Pacini brought about a 
special moment, and immediately took me back to those who used to work 
at Holley Carburetor during the early years. My old design mentor, Tony 
DiGiovanni, told me how visually-impaired inspectors literally checked 
parts with feeler gages, while their seeing-eye dogs sat beside them. 
They gave productivity and quality a whole new level of meaning.

Visually impaired excited about Sound TT

KATHMANDU, July 9: "Service?" asked Krishna Dhungana. "Yes," replied 
Sarita Aryal and a different type of table tennis game began. It was a 
different game as they were serving under the net and scoring points.

Device gives vision-impaired info of Disneyland
A new program that gives descriptions of outdoor areas in Disneyland for 
visually impaired guests was launched Wednesday.

The program is part of the Enhanced Audio Description, a program on a 
hand-held device that previously only gave descriptions of 19 
attractions in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure that debuted 
in 2009.

The hand-held device, called Disney's Audio Device, is the size of a 
smart phone and has raised tactile buttons in different shapes to 
controls volume, menu options, location and an overview of the device.

Mark Jones, manager of Disney domestic services for guests with 
disabilities, said the hand-held device now also uses GPS triangulation 
to tell guests where they are in Disneyland.

"As you're walking around the park, as a person with a visual 
disability, the device will give you information based on your 
surrounding," Jones said. "So as you're walking down Main Street for 
example, it would tell you that you are standing on Main Street, U.S.A."

Visitors choose either two-ear or one-ear headsets. WGBH, a PBS 
producer, provided the audio content. Officials declined to release the 
cost of the product.

The feature allows guests to access options on the device that give 
detailed information about different themed lands, as well as menu items 
at restaurants and the location of restrooms in each land.

"It's not designed to escort you around the park," Jones said. "It's 
designed to give you information about your surroundings."

Jones said visually-impaired guests can get the devices on loan at Guest 
Services at the entrance to the park for a $25 refundable fee. There are 
15 devices in Disneyland, Jones said.

The program is scheduled to launch in California Adventure in 2012.

Guests put the headphones on and as they walk though Disneyland, a voice 
will cue and tell them where they are. Depending on their location, the 
update could change every 25 feet or so.
For example, just as one is stepping foot on the wood planks of the 
drawbridge at Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the program


*/Best Male Athlete with a Disability

Visually impaired professional triathlete Aaron Scheidies has been 
nominated for a 2011 ESPY in the Best Male Athlete with a Disability 
category. Scheidies, the son of ROLA employee Mike Scheidies, has 
represented ROLA for the past 3 years. He has proven himself in the 
sport of triathlon, winning seven national championship and six world 
championship titles. The twenty-nine-year old athlete has competed in 
more than 150 triathlons, setting world records at every distance for 


Blind hockey player to skate Halifax to Toronto 2 

TORONTO - A blind Toronto hockey player will be inline skating from 
Halifax to Toronto in support of hockey programs for the visually impaired.

Mark DeMontis, founder of the national charity Courage Canada, put 
wheels to pavement Wednesday in a demonstration for the press at the 
Lakeshore Trail, where he was training for his cross-Canada skate.

"I really wanted to be a part of something in my life that would really 
make a difference," the 24-year-old athlete said. "I founded Courage 
Canada so that these youth and adults who are visually impaired can have 
an opportunity just like I had growing up, and that I was blessed with, 
to learn and play something that's really special here in Canada."

The Toronto area native played triple-A hockey for years before being 
told by doctors that a rare condition, Leber's Optic Neuropathy, was 
robbing him of his central eyesight.

  World's best blind triathletes coming to Peterborough

        By MIKE DAVIES, Examiner Sports Director

          Updated 12 days ago

The world's top three blind and visually impaired triathletes are 
competing at Sunday's Subaru Peterborough Half-Ironman Triathlon.

They are part of a new program called Won with One, sponsored by the 
Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), which has chosen Peterborough for 
its inaugural race.

"Peterborough was just a natural choice," said Jan Ditchfield, CCB 
Accessible Sports Program and Development Manager and founder of Won 
with One. "It's a well known race which is well respected. Some of the 
best athletes come out to do it every year and we just thought it would 
be a really good opportunity for us to do our first race in Ontario."


Visually impaired and blind sailing at the Weymouth and Portland 
National Sailing Academy

Visually Impaired Photography is on Facebook

Q&A: Sarah Wilson, Austin

article about a sighted photographer at a high school prom - reason 
included is because of the photographer's perspective on visual 
impairment and the meaning of photography for vi.

*The blind and visually impaired students seem genuinely excited about 
being photographed. Why do you think that is, especially since some of 
them won't be able to appreciate the images?*
'Maybe this is just my imagination, but I believe that the participation 
of a photographer at an event helps to bring an element of significance 
and celebration. Photography has already been a part of these teenagers' 
lives. Most likely, their families photographed them at their first 
birthday and will take pictures of them at graduation in their cap and 
gown. Photography helps document the milestones. Therefore, although 
many of these kids will never see the pictures of themselves, they 
understand what photography and portraiture symbolizes. It reinforces 
the fact that there is something significant happening- that this event 
or this person should be remembered and honored'.

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