[Art_beyond_sight_educators] God Money and Politics:, English attitudes to blindness and touch, from Enlightenment to, integration

Lisa Yayla fnugg at online.no
Tue Jul 19 11:44:37 UTC 2011

Forwarding from Simon Hayhoe

Dear All,
Just to let you know that my first book, God Money and Politics:
English attitudes to blindness and touch, from Enlightenment to
integration, is now available on in e-book Kindle edition. For those,
like me, who were a little loathed to pay the =C2=A360/$100 + price tag for
the hardback or =C2=A330/$50 + for the paperback, the Kindle edition is now
a much cheaper =C2=A36.99/$11.48. The other massive advantage is that you
also get to read the book almost immediately, without having to wait
for the distributors, Amazon, mail service, etc. to bring it to your
door. The links for the book in the US and UK Amazon websites are as



I checked on the US website this morning, and the book seems to be #28
in the best sellers on SEN-Physical Disability, which is better than
it sounds as there is some stiff competition from some multi-national
publishing houses writing on disability as a whole.

Just in case you are also interested, my third book has just been
accepted by a the US academic publishing house, Cambria Press. It will
detail the methods and models I use for researching blindness and
education. Its current working title Researching Legacies of

Best wishes and cheers,



Dr Simon Hayhoe, Editor

ECO: On Blindness and the Arts -http://www.blindnessandarts.com

Leicester, UK

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