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Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Fri Jul 22 21:13:39 UTC 2011

Hi, Forwarding following email:

 My name is Robert Pickett and I am a research assistant for the Spatial
 and Map Cognition Research Lab in the Geography department at the
 University of Oregon.

 I found your email through the listserv “accessibleimage” and I am
 contacting you to let you know that through our research we have
 produced a number of tactile mapping products that you may find useful.
 We have recently created a new website to house our products for
 dissemination to the public, which includes products such as: Tactile
 and Mapping Editor (TaME) a program developed in order to make the
 production of tactile maps and graphics easier for the general
 population, a number of Tactile Thematic Maps (you need a Tactile Image
 Enhancer and swell-form paper) displaying information such as population
 and education density for States throughout the United States (soon we
 hope to have lesson plans available that utilize these maps to teach
 human geography to students who are blind or low vision), and a general
 use Tactile Symbol Set to make the production of tactile maps more
 consistent and intuitive. All of these products are available on our
 website to download for free.

 The URL for our new products website is:
 http://geography.uoregon.edu/maps and the URL for our research lab’s
 website is: http://geography.uoregon.edu/geocog.

 We hope that you might find these products useful, and that you will
 share them with your list.

 Robert Pickett

 Robert Pickett
 Research Assistant
 Spatial and Map Cognition Research Lab (SMCRL)
 University of Oregon
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