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Blind artist introduces parish students to his colorful world
   September 14th, 2011

John Bramblitt says it sounds crazy that the loss of his sight led him 
to a career as a visual artist, but that's exactly what happened.

The 40-year-old artist from Denton, Texas, whose work is on display at 
the "Sight Unseen" exhibit at the Old Post Office Museum, was invited to 
speak at a Winnsboro-Franklin Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday to 
explain how art helped him cope with blindness.
Bramblitt was left blind ten years ago by a rare form of epilepsy.

article about Degas exhibition
Despite chocolate box image, Degas a "radical"


Blind SC Students Receive Tactile American Flags

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) Students at the South Carolina School for the 
Deaf and the Blind recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning, never 
knowing exactly what they're saluting.

The Herald-Journal of Spartanburg reported (http://bit.ly/pGCXGk) that 
changed Friday, when visually impaired students received 17 tactile 
American flags. The Kate Barry Chapter of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution donated the flags.

DAR members in Missouri hand-crafted the flags. Blue braid borders a 
square of shiny star-shaped brads, and nylon webbing indicates where the 
red stripes are. Students can feel the 50 stars and the 13 red-and-white 

Students say they're happy to have flags in their classrooms that help 
them understand the history in the design.

DAR members say the school needs another 57 flags. They're working with 
other organizations to supply those.


a mention on a website - but no link to original

"The colors are so bright and the design quite unique. But it got better 
the more I read about it. This is artwork from a team of two BLIND 



*"Emotional" Phones Relay Handholding, Kisses*

The technology may be used to help blind mobile phone users read braille 
on handsets.


John Bramblitt

In the Old Post Office Museum in downtown Winnsboro, Bramblitt's 
exhibit, 'Sight Unseen', will remain through November First.

The artist, with his faithful guide dog, Echo alongside, led a workshop 
at Franklin Parish High. Students painted with blindfolds to aquaint 
themselves with a blind artist's world.

If you'd like to know more, John has a book coming out in the spring. 
It's title: "Shouting in the Dark".

"It is full of my paintings. It tells the story of how I lost my 
eyesight and the depression I went through from that. And how I learned 
to paint and how that helped me."


friend told him the other day that he led a blind man to the sculpture. 
The man had gone down to the park and was trying to find the beams. His 
friend led the man to it and he quietly stood there, just feeling the 
fallen beams.


Sight unseen
Works of blind artist on exhibit in Winnsboro. John Bramblitt offering 
workshop Saturday


CBS news video
Blind Man Is One Talented Painter


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