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**A wonderful event is about to start - ***Art Beyond Sight*'s 

*Very inspiring, and highly recommend.
Here's the link to their page and information on how to connect. 
Information also included in this mail.


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Ninth Annual Art Beyond Sight*

Telephone Conference Crash Course

Ninth Annual Art Beyond Sight
Monday, October 17, 2011

(Note: All times given are Eastern Daylight Time.)

Number to call: (712) 432-0220; Conference code: 232-2011

Some panelists will be showing pictures and/or PowerPoint presentations. 
If you wish to see them, follow the link and instructions below:
Event number: 663 861 214; Event password: broadway

9:30 -- 10 a.m.: Welcome by Elisabeth Axel, Founder and President, Art 
Beyond Sight, Beth Bienvenu, Director of the Office of Accessibility, 
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and Akiko Ito, Chief, Secretariat 
for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, United 
Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

10 -- 11 a.m.: Accessibility from top to bottom: how to work with 
directors and trustees towards museum-wide change
Discussion Leader:
Christopher Reich, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
Linda Duke, Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University
Tom Finkelpearl, Queens Museum of Art
Kathy Kelsey Foley, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
Kim Hutchinson, Disability Funders Network

11 a.m. -- noon: Inclusive programming in state and local history museums
Discussion Leader:
Bob Beatty, American Association for State and Local History
Karen Wade, Homestead Museum
Jessica Medlen, Conner Prairie Interactive History Park
Kat Burkhart, Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County
Mike Hill, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Noon -- 1 p.m.:  Multi-sensory museum experiences and museums of the future
Discussion Leader:
Nina Levent, Art Beyond Sight, and Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Harvard Medical 
Elizabeth Merritt, Center for the Future of Museums
Martin Tröndle, E-motion

1-- 2 p.m.: Inclusive programming in children's museums
Session Leader:
Marie Clapot, Art Beyond Sight
Claudia Setubal, Please Touch Museum -- The Children's Museum of 
Lynn Walsh, Chicago Children's Museum
John Bomhoff, Children's Museum of Phoenix
Korie Twiggs, Association of Children's Museum

2 -- 3 p.m.: Accessibility in science museums/planetariums and update on 
Session Leader:
Bob Cosgrove, NASA Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Beth Bienvenu, National Endowment for the Arts
Craig Wetli, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Christine Reich, Boston Museum of Science

3 -- 4 p.m.: Inclusive programming in performing arts centers
Discussion Leader:
Bobbi Wailes, Lincoln Center
Garry Novick, Broward Arts Center
Ann Gregg, Carnegie Hall
Ann O'Connor, Colorado Ballet

4-- 4.30 p.m.: Reflections on the day and suggestions for future 

Notes: (1) Each session features 15 minutes for Q&A/discussion at the 
end of the hour. (2) You can find an updated schedule online at 

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