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A Practicing Blind Physician
Audio of Dr. Tim Cordes speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention. Dr Timothy Cordes is a resident in Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Tim Cordes one of few blind doctors in U.S. <http://www.blindhow.com/posts/88>

Article published in The Capital Times on June 2, 2010. "Dr. Tim Cordes, one of only 143 students who earned a slot at UW-Madison Medical School out of 2,300 who applied. Published reports in 1998 indicated Cordes was only the second blind person ever admitted to a U.S. medical school. The first was David Hartman, a 1976 Temple grad and psychiatrist in Virginia whom Cordes considers a role model."


First known Blind Movie Critic to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Student has no trouble visualizing a doctorate in chemistry


But Wedler, 24, says his lifelong reliance on using his mind to visualize street grids and campus layouts aids in this intellectual pursuit.

"I feel like blind people have an advantage in organic chemistry over their sighted peers. I've been visualizing things my entire life," Wedler said.


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