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Brain tumor causes local artist to see the world in a different light
2011-12-01 / Community
 work on display at Gardens of the World


Blind photographer creates visionary art
Craig Royal, a fine art photographer, was born with vision loss due to a congenital form of optic atrophy. He has been practicing photography for the last four years and his subject matter is wide and far; nature, architecture, objects and their potential for abstraction and a philosophical perspective that explores the human condition. Royal believes, "Photography is more than a form of artistic expression but also a visual aide that allows me to revel in the exquisite detail that surrounds us."









Deaf-blind photographer Ian Treherne in London exhibition

An artist from Essex who has limited sight and hearing hopes his work will act as an inspiration to others.

About 25 photographs by Ian Treherne, from Rochford, are to feature in an exhibition in London organised by the deaf-blind charity, Sense.

The 33-year-old has Usher Syndrome, meaning he has deteriorating eyesight and a hearing impairment.

He said: "I see less than most people, but I think in some ways it actually makes me see more in life."

He added: "It is a bit ironic that I need to use my eyes for my photography, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

 "I like to show people who take their eyesight for granted the simple views they walk past every day and do not notice."

Mr Treherne, who has been photographing seriously since he was in his late 20s, explained the genetic condition "affects me in every possible way".




Rachel Dora Ann

sometimes the wrong path leads you back to where you belong


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