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Blind artist, Bojana Coklyat, inspires with her amazing life and art

Bojana’s thought provoking artwork has taken her all the way to the White Property, and her inspirational lifestyle story and charity operate with nearby youthful artists continues to propel her to the next degree. Elevated in Jersey Metropolis, Bojana Coklyat graduated from McNair Educational Higher College and went on to go to The University of the Art Institute of Chicago. Right after returning from higher education she began participating in artwork reveals in the Jersey City and New York location, finally creating her possess grassroots artist collective named “A Present Grows”. Toward the end of the 3rd productive display, problems from her Diabetes started out to arise this kind of as a fractured foot, kidney failure and Diabetic retinopathy, which led her to be legally blind. This fundamentally implies you are looking through a foggy windshield that are not able to be cleared up with any kind of eyeglasses. Standard print, facts on faces cracks and in the road are all a blur.

Ballet and Arts for the Blind
The Association of Ballet and Arts for the Blind was founded by Brazilian ballerina and physiotherapist Fernanda Bianchini in 1995, when she decided to teach classical ballet to the blind for free. Since then her classes have been opened to the deaf and mute, and even to children and youths with other handicaps.





Boxing helps a blind man fight back


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