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Robin Antar: First Female Artist To Exhibit At POP International Galleries

HuffPost Arts: Why do you think you are the first female artist to be 
featured at POP?*

*RA: *What if I was the first female but I was also disabled? (laughs) 
I'm not kidding. I was born blind in one eye but didn't figure it out 
until I was 16. The eye doctor never covered my good eye, so I never 
figured it out until I moved to Brooklyn and went to the eye doctor. 
When he told me, I looked at him like he was cross-eyed.

On my website 
<http://www.rantar.com/abstract/visual/pages/visual1.html>, there's are 
all the works I did when I found out I was blind in one eye. I did a 
whole series of sculptures. When I did five sculptures I said, "enough 
of this crap." You go through stages.





Artist Chuck Close paints faces, but can't recognize them

Faces have captivated artists forever, so it may surprise you to learn 
that renowned portraitist Chuck Close is face blind, and severely so. 
Close told Lesley Stahl that he could have dinner with a person one 
night, and not recognize their face the next day.

To learn more about the condition, watch Lesley Stahl's two-part 
report,"Face Blindness" 


short video blurp with Oliver Sacks from Program


" activity director at Maplewood Manor, said the artist used different 
painting techniques based on the participants' ability.

In some cases blobs of different coloured paint were squirted onto a 
canvas and covered with plastic wrap. Participants squished the paint 
around with their hands until the paint was blended and spread out.

The plastic wrap, which also prevented them from getting paint on their 
hands, was subsequently lifted off to expose a new creation.

A resident who is blind was able to complete a mosaic seascape."


article and video of artist discussing his works

Painting: BLIND

Israeli artist Roy Nachum believes that art should be accessible to 
everybody, even those who are visually impaired. For that reason his 
latest works, collectively called the "BLIND" series, combine painting 
with Braille signage. The series was inspired by a chance encounter with 
braille signage at a museum exhibitionthat forced him to think of new 
ways in which the blindcould possibly experience visual art.

Nachum's photo realistic oil paintingsillustrate surrealistic images of 
a fantasy realm which employ Braille and a "double vision" technique 
that challenges those with sight to question the limitations of their 


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