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New NT Art Gallery Exhibit Helps Visually Impaired

NORTH TONAWANDA, NY-- A young North Tonawanda graduate student has taken 
an old storefront and turned it into an unique art gallery in the heart 
of the Lumber City.

Project 308 Gallery is located at 308 Oliver Street in NT. They opened 
their doors about 2 weeks ago.

The curator is 24-year-old Natalie Brown, who's working on a Master 
Degree in Art History and Museum Studies at the University at Buffalo.

Her first installation is called "Tactile Optics: Seeing through 
Feeling". And it's attracting a special audience.



What the world looks like for the colour blind

An insight into the art of Vincent Van Gogh may allow us to see what 
it's like to live with colour blindness.

The famed 19th century artist has long been suspected to have been 
colour vision deficient, or colour blind, when he painted his famous 
pieces of artwork.

Van Gogh is famed for his bold brush strokes and use of colour, which 
have led many to speculate that he was over-compensating for his colour 


The incredible images that show how a colour-blind person sees the world 
(and why it might explain Van Gogh's genius)


Deaf and Blind School Teaches Under One Roof

This is very innovative on a campus that has both deaf and blind 
students," said Assistant Principal Keith Van Fossen. "Having them both 
within the same facility in unique. We're one of the first, that I know 
of in the United States."

"An art teacher who is deaf is going to teach blind students art with a 
voice interpreter," said Superintendent Nancy Armstrong. "Our ASL 
instructor who is deaf will teach some blind, visually impaired students 
ASL, which is American Sign Language, using interpreters."


Design Details No. 8 - Tactile Map at the Musiikkitalo, Helsinki...

A few images of the tactile guide map at the Musiikkitalo 
<http://www.musiikkitalo.fi/web/fi/etusivu> (Music House) in Helsinki, 
which not only includes a tactile/ topographical representation of the 
building's various layers and spaces, but also uses a select set of 
different materials - each with its own unique texture and temperature - 
to distinguish and amplify the readability (including visual clarity) of 
the guide...

tactile maps

Arty Margaret wins art contest - despite being blind

ARTISTIC FLARE: Care home resident Margaret Whittaker has won a national 
art competition -- despite being almost completely blind.

The 85-year-old, who lives at Hempstalls Hall Care home, Newcastle, used 
paints and felt tip pens to create a picture depicting the events of 2012.


Louisiana Association for the Blind offers creative arts program

Mattie Johnson discovered her inner vision as her eyes failed.
Johnson draws, paints and practices sculpture techniques in an art 
program at the Louisiana Association for the Blind in Shreveport. Her 
works are among those hanging in the halls of the LAB's Low Vision 
Rehabilitation Center.

Instructor Patty McAllister --- who's losing her sight to macular 
degeneration --- started the program in January. The classes are part of 
a multi-pronged approach to help people facing blindness or limited 
vision learn independent living skills.

McAllister covers art history, theory and design techniques. Besides 
allowing creativity, the program lets clients practice learning with 
their sense of touch. Field trips to Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport 
also give them a chance to navigate with canes, an essential skill


Silhouette artist Karl Johnson works his magic at Hicklebee's in San Jose

Snipping his way through approximately 90 sittings, silhouette artist 
Karl Johnson made his second visit in two years to Hicklebee's bookstore 
on Aug. 14.

Following in his father Edward's footsteps, Johnson started making 
silhouette portraits at the age of 12 and has been working 
professionally at this now rare art form since 1985. It is all the more 
remarkable since he was born legally blind in his left eye.

Using a single pair of German steel surgical scissors handed down to him 
by his dad, Johnson travels around the world approximately 100 days a 
year, creating lasting memories in just 90 seconds.

"There's a rhythm to the cutting," Johnson says as pieces of paper 
flutter to the floor while he works on creating a silhouette of his 
current client, a squirmy 3-year-old sitting on his mother's lap. 
Johnson's work has also become a favorite of Hollywood celebrities, and 
he has created his timeless keepsakes for the likes of Steven Spielberg, 
Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez, to name just a few.

For more information about Karl Johnson and his silhouette artistry, 
visit www.cutarts.com <http://www.cutarts.com>.

Link sent by Simon Hayhoe

Festival de Cinema de Gramado exibe filme 'Colegas' com audiodescrição

Blind and Low-Vision Artists Translate Their "Mind's Eye" Through Artwork
MILWAUKEE---An art exhibition held here last month featured the work of 
nine artists, some blind and some with low vision, working in a variety 
of media: photography, sculpture, watercolors, collage and tactile. 
Hosted by a coalition of non-profits in Wisconsin that support people 
with vision loss, "Through the Lens of Others: A Tribute to the Vision 
of the Mind's Eye" was held at the Froedtert & Medical College of 
Wisconsin Eye Institute 
<http://www.froedtert.com/SpecialtyAreas/EyeInstitute/> in conjunction 
with Connections in Sight 


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