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A link to a wonderful new book Discover the Body by graphic designer Halla Sigga<http://hallasigga.com>
using 3-D printing. Beautiful.


text from site:


The book "Discover the body" is a three dimensional textbook about the body for blind and visually impaired children aged 6 to 8. There is a shortage in teaching material with pictures for the blind.
We all need pictures to explain the
world around us and the blind are
no exception. When I made the decision to make teaching materials for the blind and visually impaired it was clear that
I needed to learn how the blind and visually impaired to see and feel the world. Try to understand the way they interpret imagery and work from there. After reading a lot about the subject, talking to blind children, producers to tactile books, the staff of the National Istitute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Defblind and scholars in the field.
I saw that I had limited myself in terms of fonts, color schemes and topic.
When it came to finding a way
to make the book. I decided to take
a new approach and print the book
in a and three-dimensional printer. Because in the next few years, the technology will become good enough to print the book in plastic with different densities that will give blind and visually impaired a better picture of the topic. To my knowledge this technology has not been used before for the blind and visually impaired.
Since I've never worked in three dimensions before I had to find and study the three-dimensional programs and applications, find out
how I could print the book, what options are available and how plastic material works before I could proceed with the design of the book.
The teaching material is about the human body. Discover the body is designed to make reading fun, informative and with the needs of blind and visually impaired in mind. For example, the plastic material the book is made of, use of colour and the choice of fonts in the book. Both the design of the edges
of the pages, pictures and the pattern in the book is based on the topic of each spread.
The text in the book is based on the textbook Come and view the body by Gunnhildi Oskarsdottir and Ragnheidi Hermannsdottir.
The photographs here above are of the prototype, but below there is a video with the right colors and closer explanation on how the book works.

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