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   Jersey colour blind artist has first exhibition

A colour blind artist from Jersey has opened his first exhibition as 
part of the 175th anniversary celebrations of a St Helier department store.

Jason Gautier has been painting since he was a child but has had to 
adapt and "be creative" with colour.

He said: "I have a strong mixture between red and green. For some pinks 
I can only see grey or if it is too faint I can't see it.

Visual Art for the Visually Impaired by Roy Nachum
One of the most popular signs in the art industry is ''*DON'T TOUCH*''. 
According to our experiences, we've definitely been warned and hissed 
at, at least once in our lifetime by a guard at an exhibition not to 
touch the artworks while visiting a gallery or museum.


  The Best Film of the Year Didn't Need Talking. Do Video Games Need

The Best Film of the Year Didn't Need Talking. Do Video Games Need 
night at the Academy Awards, a silent film won best picture. Michel 
Hazanavicius's /The Artist/, a movie about silent film star George 
Valentin, is itself a classic silent film---for the most part, it has no 
sound effects or dialogue, just music and on-screen action.

Several new video games like the Move-enabled competitive game /Johann 
Sebastian Joust/ and the audio-only shooter /Swamp/ have eschewed 
graphics entirely. As /The Artist/ reminded us, a film does not need 
spoken dialogue to qualify as a film. These new games raise a similar 
question: Despite the "video" in the moniker, do video games really need 


Color blind artists

To all those who are color blind and paint, this is a page where you can 
join me to show our art and let people know that, even if we don't 
perceive colors the same way as others, our art is vibrant, colorful and 
worth showing.


Organizations for Blind Artists 
If you are an aspiring artist or know someone who is, there are some 
great resources out there for artists who are blind and visually 
impaired. Here are a few of them.

International collaboration project between blind photographers at 
Contemporary Art Exchange


Natural Canvas: Haines City Man Uses Palm Fronds as Foundation for His Art

Marc Pletcher always knew he had a knack for drawing. He had enjoyed 
drawing since he was a kid.

But in February, he was working on a project for his wife that required 
not only sketching, but painting.

Suddenly, the color-blind artist became a painter.


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