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Works for blind on show at Moorfields Eye Hospital

A PERMANENT collection of tactile art was unveiled at Moorfields Eye 
Hospital in Bunhill last Thursday to celebrate World Sight Day.

The collection, donated by charity BlindArt, is the first of its kind to 
be housed in a hospital.


Touchable art for the blind exhibit opens
Touchable art for the blind exhibit opens
October 16, 2012 10:31 PM EDT
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The St. Augustine Art Association celebrated the opening of the 11th 
Annual Tactile Art Show on Oct. 5 with the presentation of artistic 
achievement awards by show sponsor representative Mary Cay Brock.

Chaffee art on exhibit at Webster


Sewing up Daphne history
Fiber artist Dianne Williams, right, offers a lollipop to Provie Musso, 
left, and blind artist Ricky Trione as they work on a square depicting 


Loss of eyesight doesn't stop Bayou City Art Festival featured artist 
Charlie Hardwick

This combination of big-brand graphic design and big-band concert 
posters continued until Hardwick became ill in 2003, when a misdiagnosis 
and a series of other medical errors left him with irreversible ocular 
nerve damage. He was deemed legally blind in 2007.

"It was such a slow, degenerative progression that it was hard for me to 
grasp the severity of it," Hardwick told CultureMap. Now with 
approximately 30 percent of his vision left, he likens his eyesight to 
that of tunnel vision --- only where the tunnel isn't exactly in the center.


Hardwick has changed his technique since his loss of sight and, because 
he can't see color, he bases his hues off of memorized CMYK combinations 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK_color_model> and slight variations in 
the tonality of the final piece.

Visually Impaired Artists Exhibit Opens
A juried art show featuring visually impaired artists opens Thursday at 
the Galt House Hotel. Sponsored by the American Printing House for the 
Blind, APH Insights 2012 features 82 works (out of more than 400 
submitted) by artists from across the country, ranging from professional 
artists to senior citizens and students.

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