[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Bramblitt, makeup artist, audio map

Lisa Yayla fnugg at online.no
Tue Jan 8 08:57:24 UTC 2013

Great audio/video with John Bramblitt. Like it because it describes how 
he paints - techniques he uses and more.

Video and article

Painting in the Dark: Blind Painter Creates a Vibrant World

It's been more than 10 years since Bramblitt, 37, lost the last vestiges 
of his dwindling eyesight, probably due to epilepsy 
<http://healthtools.aarp.org/adamcontent/epilepsy>. He confesses that 
the prospect of never drawing again left him in the "deepest, darkest 
hole." Then one day he tried "sketching" in a whole new way, using 
fast-drying paint squeezed from a tube to create a raised outline on paper

Lancaster painter, blind in one eye, is Big Tex's makeup artist

Celebrities rely on makeup artists to look their best, and for Big Tex, 
that painter is Jer Giles.

Since the mid-'90s, Jer has painted the giant cowpoke, touching him up 
before he welcomes the crowds at the State Fair of Texas


Kinect </india/prof_page.php?search=Kinect&select=1>, a motion-sensing 
input device based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral by IT giant 
Microsoft </india/prof_page.php?search=Microsoft&select=1> Corporation 
for its Xbox 360 console and Windows 
</india/prof_page.php?search=Windows&select=1> PCs, is not just for 
games anymore.

Employees at the Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) in Hyderabad 
have developed applications using Kinect, which would help hearing and 
speech impaired 'talk' to others across the world, and visually impaired 
'walk' their way to their destination safely through objects in an 
indoor space.


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