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Tue Jan 8 14:18:58 UTC 2013

Rehabilitation Through Photography To Hold Huge Raffle At PhotoPlus

Rehabilitation Through Photography <http://www.rtphoto.org/> is a 
charity devoted to helping individuals by using photography, and at this 
year's PhotoPlus Expo they're going to be holding a huge raffle to help 
fund them for the immediate future. Originally founded 70 years ago to 
help soldiers and their families, RTP now works with veterans, the 
physically and emotionally challenged, the elderly, at-risk youth, the 
economically disadvantaged, the homeless and, the visually impaired, and 
has support programs throughout New York City 
<http://www.rtphoto.org/our-programs> for those who need them.

DLA Aviation advocate highlights employees with disabilities

DLA Aviation chemical engineer Noel Romey, visually impaired since 
birth, demonstrates the technological equipment that enables him to 
perform his job at a multicultural event Oct. 4


Blind Artist John Bramblitt -- The Art of Living Gallery


Eyes on the Arts

It's an opportunity for those with vision loss to experience art.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is hosting an exhibit at 
the Tom Thomson Art Gallery today.

Event Coordinator Donald Anderson says Eyes on the Arts features pieces 
of tactile art made by local artists.

He says the works are all touchable so that those who are blind or 
experience vision loss can experience the art through feel.

I'm colour blind: Gaurav Khanna


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