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Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Tue May 7 07:30:51 UTC 2013

Call for Papers
Do you have a proposal for the 2013 Getting In Touch With Literacy conference? We are looking for workshops from professionals just like you, filled with practical solutions, cutting edge information and research, and the tricks, tips and techniques you use every day! Participants should walk away with handouts, techniques, methodologies, and new ideas they can use with their students immediately upon returning home.
Key Beliefs of the Getting In Touch With Literacy Conference
Literacy is liberating. It opens doors, enlarges the world and makes life richer and more meaningful. Reading impacts us in a way that no other art form - or life skill - can duplicate. It touches all areas of our lives. To help you organize your proposal, we offer two of the guiding principles on which the conference was founded.
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