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Many of you may know about Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research and Development Center, but I have just read about it in a email from the NFbetnet-master-list (just sent email) . In any case the Center sounded intriguing so went to its site - full of interesting projects (http://www.vdrdc.org/research).
Algorithmic Automated Description (AAD)
Choreographed and Orchestrated Video Annotation (COVA)
Crowd-Sourced Description for Web-Based Video (CSD)
Descriptive Video Exchange (DVX)
Expanded Populations Research Agenda for Description (EPRAD)
Remote Real-Time Description (RRTD)
Visual Impairment Research Agenda for Description (VIRAD)

Here's the link to the site


VDRDC:  Developing 21st century tools for a new age of video accessibility.
The Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research and Development Center (VDRDC) investigates innovative technologies and techniques for making online video more accessible to blind and visually-impaired students and consumers. Through collaboration with a broad array of partners and stakeholders in the Description Leadership Network, we are developing advanced video annotation methods for use in a wide variety of educational settings, as well as helping educators and other description providers make better use of the tools already available.

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