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Very nice talk by Pete Eckert about his work.


Blind Artist Pete Eckert uses Light Painting to Expose his Vision

Pete Eckert <http://www.peteeckert.com/> is a blind photographer that 
uses light painting <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_painting> to 
stencil his muses into otherwise opaque photographs; but he hasn't 
always been blind, and he hasn't always been a photographer.


Colorado Center for the Blind celebrates turning 25 

Artist Ann Cunningham describes her new tactile art installation to 
celebrants at CCB's 25 birthday party as they feel their way around it.

Blind artist James Newton uses sock monkeys to recreate famous artworks, 
pop culture icons

Bits 'n' Pieces: Blind painter's watercolor vision rewarded

Deaf and blind artist wins award
A DEAF artist has been commended for his intricate work based on Chester 
Zoo -- made all the more remarkable because he has been blind since he 
was a teenager.

Minerva Hussain has Usher syndrome, which started to affect his sight 
when he was 18, gradually getting worse until he was left with just 
peripheral vision.

But the 44-year-old uses photographs, a magnifying glass and his memory 
to create vivid, incredibly detailed and tactile work that the viewer 
can see with their fingers as well as their eyes.

Exhibit features artists inspired by Japanese painter

  A painting of downtown Los Angeles in the evening by Al Setton, who 
painted scenes inspired by the late Henry Fukuhara, a watercolorist. 
Fukuhara, who was sent to the Manzanar internment camp during World War 
II, recreated scenes of those tumultuous times and led a group of 
artists back to Manzanar some 60 years after the war had ended. Artists 
continue to gather annually at the site of the camp.

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