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Disruptions: Visually Impaired Turn to Smartphones to See Their World

Luis Perez loves taking photographs. He shoots mostly on an iPhone, 
snapping gorgeous pictures of sunsets, vintage cars, old buildings and 
cute puppies. But when he arrives at a photo shoot, people are often 
startled when he pulls out a long white cane.

In addition to being a professional photographer, Mr. Perez is almost blind.

"With the iPhone I am able to use the same technology as everyone else, 
and having a product that doesn't have a stigma that other technologies 
do has been really important to me," said Mr. Perez, who is also an 
advocate for blind people and speaks regularly at conferences about the 
benefits of technology for people who cannot see. "Now, even if you're 
blind, you can still take a photo."


Seeing color through inner vision 

/Blind artist's new exhibit focuses on the creative senses/

A new collection of artwork by blind artist George Mendoza has come to 
the Irving Arts Center (IAC) and will run through November 10. On Sept. 
28, Mendoza came to the IAC in person and gave a lecture on his artwork 
and his outlook on building a successful life while dealing with blindness.

TSLA to display School for the Blind artwork

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee School for the Blind artwork will be 
displayed at the Tennessee State Library and Archives this month.

This is the fourth year TSLA has displayed art from the school to 
commemorate "Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month," an annual event 
sponsored by Art Education <http://topics.sacbee.com/Art+Education/> for 
the Blind, a New York-based nonprofit organization.

The exhibit is free and is located in the lobby of TSLA's building in 
downtown Nashville.


Assassinating Thomson

and his own experiences as a legally blind artist living with only 10 
per cent vision, he simultaneously paints a group portrait of the 
audience as he sees it from the stage. A symbol of the play's theme 
about the individual ways we see the world, you can buy the painting 
from the Calgary-based artist at the end of the show.

Oct, 8-19 Firehasll Arts Centre Tickets: $20 at firehallartscentre.ca

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to display School for the Blind artwork

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