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Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Thu Nov 28 07:51:45 UTC 2013

Morning all!

Hope you all are well.  Right now I am looking at huge evergreens bending in the wind here in Oslo. The weather is abnormally warm for the season and against all reason am wishing for a little snow.

Well perhaps the reason this post is a bit more spirited than usual is that opening the browser this morning was introduced to new tools and programs for tactile graphics. Find that very uplifting but at the same time a bit of a wakeup call to me that the shakers and movers in this field are really shaking and moving.

At Irie AT
Tactile Graphics

Tactile Picture Books Project<http://www.tactilepicturebooks.org/>

Wish all the best for you and yours.



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