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Mostly articles about 3-D maps, one about GPS.



Depicting Web images for the blind and visually impaired
A prototype process was developed to translate Web graph and map images 
into 3D printed models to give the blind and visually impaired access to 
voting and election data.

Engineers create 3-D models to help the blind navigate safely through 

Since a very young age, Sina Bahram, a Ph.D. student at North Carolina 
State University in Raleigh, has been blind.

"I did have a little bit more usable vision as a kid than I do now," 
said Bahram.

But being blind hasn't slowed him down. He's a Ph.D. student and 
president of a consulting company. He has learned to feel his way 
through life. But there's still one thing that's a challenge to 
navigate: traffic.

"If it is a very busy intersection and there are a lot of cars turning, 
that can be confusing," Bahram said.

Now traffic engineers have developed a new 3-D map to help make it 
easier for the blind to become familiar with busy, confusing 
intersections, while staying safe.

A new guide to Exhibition Road 

To help guide visually-impaired users along one of London's busiest 
streets, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea unveiled a tactile 
map of Exhibition Road on Wednesday 23 October.

Displaying a three dimensional representation of South Kensington 
Station to Hyde Park, the map is made of robust zinc and features 
colour-coding, raised letters, symbols and Braille.

Located in Thurloe Street, just outside South Kensington Station - a 
station where over 32 million journeys start or finish each year - it's 
the product of extensive work with specialist tactile design team 
Topografik, Guide Dogs for the Blind and various consultation groups.


Vandegrift's InventTeam mapping the unknown

Google shows prototype phone that creates 3-D maps of its surroundings

U.S. tech giant Google <http://www.upi.com/topic/Google/> has unveiled a 
prototype smartphone it says creates 3-D maps to help the visually 
impaired navigate unfamiliar indoor sites unassisted.


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