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The documentary, Algorithms, follows three visually impaired youngsters 
who dream of becoming chess world champs
Not many of us may be aware, but there is a chess-community of visually 
impaired youngsters in India. Capturing this in a black and white 
documentary are UK-based documentary filmmaker Ian Mcdonald and Indian 
producer Geetha J. who present /Algorithms /in collaboration with Vikalp 
at Everest Talkies on July 24 at 7 p.m.
Charudatta Jadhav from Mumbai, is visually impaired but has a vision to 
put India on the global blind chess map. The film follows a group of 
boys --- Darpan Inani from Baroda, SaiKrishna S.T. from Chennai and 
Anant Kumar Nayak from Bhubaneshwar who are visually impaired but dream 
of becoming world champions.
Indian developers hope to launch the world's first Braille smartphone by 
.... The Braille smartphone will be able to form icons, shapes, figures, 
and diagrams in an elevated position, so users can feel them.

The First Elevated-Pin Braille Smartphone Gets A Prototype
Incoming text gets translated into braille through little pins, 
constantly moving up and down to convey what's happening in the phone.

For Blind Moms, 3-D Prints of Fetuses Stand In for Sonogram Images

One company is trying to give those women a tactile equivalent to the 
sonogram, by 3-D printing their fetus for them
One of the greatest joys of pregnancy for many women is seeing the 
little blob growing inside on a sonogram---the black and white images of 
little heads and feet and noses the first of many pictures to make it to 
Facebook or a privileged place on the fridge. Now, one company is trying 
to give blind women who miss out on this experience a tactile 
equivalent, by 3-D printing their fetuses for them.

Jorge Roberto Lopes dos Santos is the man behind the little fetus 
figurines. He didn't set out to help blind women; the work comes out of 
his company, Tecnologia Humana 3D, which focuses more broadly on 
building 3-D models from sonogram data to help diagnose problems prenatally

It wasn't until later that he realized that the models could help women 
who cannot see sonograms, a chance to "see" their unborn babies.

Note: From 2013
A Different Vision A Tactile Art Show

Hamilton City Council to launch tactile map of the central city

_Blind Department library receives donated sculpture 
For the last 10 years, local artist Jill Cerulli has made art pieces for 
the St. Augustine Art Association Tactile Show; and, last week, Historic 
City News learned that she donated her award-winning piece entitled 
"Read" to the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind library.
The artwork is made out of large, wooden letters and includes other 
elements such as a frog reading a book with pens and pencils.

3-D Printed Picture Books Enable Visually Impaired Kids to Read
*HAROLD'S PURPLE CRAYON GOES 3-D:* Early exposure to books goes a long 
way towards creating life-long readers. Now, visually impaired toddlers 
can enjoy picture books, too.

3-D Printed Picture Books Are Now Coming to Visually Impaired Children

3-D Printing Enables Visually Impaired Children to Experience the World 
of Literary Classics
3D Printed Books Allow Blind Children To Experience Literary Classics 

'Goodnight Moon' and Other Picture Book Favorites Go 3-D
Imagining a New Way to Read, One 3D-Printed Book at a Time

news video report
CU creates 3D book program for blind children
Tactile Tech Gives the Blind an Upper Hand
When researchers tested a group of both blind and sighted people, they 
found that people with visual impairments were much better at completing 
tasks using tactile technology

School produces 65 Tactile and Braille story books

Fifty-seven participants, comprising teachers, staff and students of SMK 
St. Francis Convent, participated in the Tactile and Braille Story Book 
Workshop from October 16 to 23 in conjunction with "Kem Membaca 1 
Malaysia 2013".

The school managed to produce 20 Tactile books and 45 Braille story books.

The Tactile and Braille Story Book Workshop were held in the school 
library of SMK St. Francis Convent with the guidance of the staff from 
the Sabah State Library.


Children love books they can feel and touch

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