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Am going through a back log of links and coming accross stories that I 
think I have sent before, but am sending, just in case.



Creative visionaries: Asheville's Industries for the Blind brings art to 
the mind's eye

story sent earlier,
Rocky River: Legally blind artist, 98, creates digital art
Deaf and blind artist wins award

Blind Roanoke City student wins national art award

Legally blind teen draws amazing art by seeing past her disability

Lauren Mills is only 13 years old, but the legally blind teen has been 
creating art for as long as she can remember.

Lauren has Nystagmus, a condition that causes involuntary, fast-paced 
eye-movement. But the 9th grader at Peterson Seventh-Day Adventist 
Academy is proving to be a shining inspiration to many who meet her and 
see her paintings.


Sacramento's blind photographer honored by United Nations

  At the Touch Art Fair, you feel your way

It's not just sighted people who can appreciate art. At the first event 
of its kind in the UK, the exhibits are there to be touched


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