[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Space camp, 3D maps, stores

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Fri Oct 17 06:49:05 UTC 2014

Braille labels, audible scanners will help visually impaired B.C. 
customers shop for food

"A hand-held scanner can also be used to read the names of items, while 
a braille map at the entrance can help blind clients orient themselves 
to the store layout."


Scientists Convert Hubble Telescope Pictures to Tactile 3-D for Visually 

*With the objective of revolutionizing astronomy education, the Space 
Telescope Science Institute researchers, Antonella Nota and Carol 
Christian, convert Hubble Space Telescope pictures into tactile 3-D 
images using 3D printers in order to help visually impaired people to 
explore space objects.*

Japan Prepares to Make 3D Printed Topographic Maps Available for the Blind


Maps created with 3-D printers to help visually impaired

Visually Impaired Week at Alabama's "Space Camp"


Audio description gives visually impaired a new movie experience

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