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I am watching a fascinating lecture on ITunes U from Unconscious Memory at Oxford University. The first part is entitled Priming - lectures Profs. Mausud Husain and Ben Morgan.

It's about how our subconscious collects, stores information and we are unaware and it can come in to use later - this is my very inelegant summation. In any case I thought that this adds to the idea that more exposure to tactile graphics is important - though many argue that they are too time consuming. That is that the effect of the subconscious should also be taken into consideration.

Does anyone know about priming? Are there ideas out there about this and tactile graphics?

Just remembered that famous report by Prof. Richard Gregorg about Sidney Bradford blind from birth that got his vision back when he was about 50 years and in the hospital after the bandages were removed he was able to tell the time from the clock on the wall and read capital letters on the cover of a magazine. This because he had a tactile wrist watch and at his school for the blind he was given wooden letters to feel. They only had capital letters.

Wonder if this would be considered priming?

In any case recommend the lecture.



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