[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Second questions

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Mon Mar 16 05:16:04 UTC 2015


I have got more questions, and hope you will hold out with me.

Does the following seem to be true -  a VI student will most likely only 
be exposed to "important" graphics because:
a. Tactile graphics are time consuming and expensive  to make
b. "decoration" graphics are meaningless and just take up time for the 
blind student

A sighted student is often exposed to "decoration" graphics in school 
books as well as the "important" graphics. A sighted student is exposed 
to all types of graphics at all times and these help also the ability to 
understand "important" graphics.
A sighted student's visual vocabulary is vast because of both exposure 
to "decoration" graphics and "important" graphics.
I propose that exposure to "decoration" graphics are important for the 
sighted student to develope the ability to understand "important" 
graphics.  Not because it, the decoration graphic,  is related to the 
important graphic but because it is an exersise for the mind in 
translating graphics -  visually .

One definition of "decoration" graphics could be:  a graphic easy to 
understand, not essential to the "important" graphic it is associated with.

OK what I am thinking is that it might be a good idea that "decoration" 
graphics might be useful in building up the tactile vocabulary of a 
blind student just as it is for a sighted student.

I am thinking that these can be building blocks, a constant feature - 
that are together with more difficult graphics. Sort of like daily runs 
before one goes on a marathon. Perhaps it is an oversimplification but 
if one tries to run in a marathon without training before one is likely 
to have a very difficult time.

The gist of it is I am wondering if there is a case for "decoration" 
graphics? Could they be useful for understanding more difficult tactile 
graphics? Is it necessary for a constant "stream" to maintain the 
"translating muscels"?

Next email I will suggest a way to incoorporate these "decoration" graphics.

Hope to hear what you think.



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