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Rahway Art Exhibit to Feature Work of Blind NJ Artists, 6/5

*/Limited Sight / Unlimited Vision/* showcases the work of six New 
Jersey artists who are blind or have low vision: *Tamilah Alexander*, 
*Aaron Elmowitz*, *Jon Gabry*, *Alicia Liptscher*, *Narcissa Lopez* and 
*Diane Robinson*.

The exhibit will be displayed June 5-25, 2015 in the lobby of *RSI 
Bank*, 1500 Irving Street in the heart of Rahway Arts District, with an 
opening reception Friday, June 5 from 4-7 p.m


This blind makeup artist can contour better than you

Watch This Inspiring Video of Blind Beauty Vlogger Lucy Edwards Applying 
BLIND AMBITION: Artist who lost sight, hearing teaches Dreyfoos students

The moment it happened was when one student asked, “What if…?”

What if there were such a thing like a fine art museum where you could 
touch all the pieces? Where looking at the exhibits wasn’t nearly as 
important as interacting with them?

Where you could go room to room and let the artists speak through their 
work and make your literally feel what they felt? Touch it. Smell it. 
Hear it. Taste it, even.

And finally, they got to this critical understanding, the point of why 
they make art: What if to experience art you never have to see it, at all?

Told later about this impromptu discussion between her freshmen students 
at *Dreyfoos School for the Arts*


Wickenburg museum presents blind sculptor’s exhibit

All things are possible in the hands of Michael Naranjo. The celebrated 
sculptor works by feel, conveying insight of subject garnered from 
personal perseverance, soulful inspiration and relentless faith in the 
artistic path. Blinded by a grenade accident during the Vietnam War, 
Naranjo taps into many senses to express the intention of his subject’s 
emotional, compositional and intuitive meaning. 

Blind woman inspired by artistic visions
What: CNIB Eye Appeal Art Event When: Thursday (exhibition and reception 
from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) Friday gala/auction is sold out Where: Crystal 
Garden Admission: Free (Thursday only) - See more at: 


      Sound Pens, hand-held devices designed for blind and partially
      sighted visitors, have been officially launched at Eastbourne’s
      Towner art gallery.


The launch, on April 18 by the Towner’s learning team, is the latest 
addition to the gallery’s commitment to accessibility.

The new Sound Pens are designed to help visitors orientate themselves 
throughout the building, as well as explore the work of popular Sussex 
artist Eric Ravilious and the permanent Ravilious Room at the Towner.

John Bramblitt: This is how blind artist uses touch and texture to 
create amazing paintings

  Chris Downey: Watch documentary on blind architect

*Chris Downey*Watch documentary on blind architect

Watch short documentary about Chris Downey, an inspiring architect in 
San Francisco who is pioneering design for the blind.

*Chris Downey* is an architect who lost his sight in 2008. He has moved 
on to launch designing for the blind.

The American Institute of Architects have produced  a short documentary 
on the blind but  inspiring architect who is introducing design for the 

DECATUR - Decatur's Barn Colony Artists have announced that their 75th 
Spring Art Show and reception will be held from May 1 through May 28.

Officials say the show will be held at the Madden Arts Center from 5:00 
p.m. until 7:30 p.m.  More than 20 artists have submitted pieces for 
this event, with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings, as well as 
photography and drawings being featured.

Also featured will be sculptures created by a blind artist, a 
three-dimensional acrylic painting, and a hummingbird made from painted 
and shaped aluminum foil on a canvas.  The public is also invited to 
vote for the show's People's Choice Award from May 1 through May 8 
during regular hours.


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