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Tue Sep 1 04:59:32 UTC 2015

*An ambitious SF- based show celebrating the creative impact of Dr. Oliver
Sacks in conversation with the vibrant disability culture of the Bay Area. *

*Two weeks remain to help us support our artists and travel the exhibition!
Donations can be made through
Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indigo-mind#/story

*Opening September 26, 2015 at StoreFrontLab, the project features artists
who explore a range of brain and body phenomena suggestive of Sacks’
research. These works explore the influence Sacks has had on our
understanding of the human condition in its limitless variation and form.*

*Indigo Mind regards the idiosyncrasies of the body and mind as a pathway
to creativity. The Unknown and the Other, to which Sacks has dedicated his
life’s work, are deeply valued for their neuro- and physiological
diversity; the unique qualities of being human that enables us to discover
new ground.*


*Adrienne Adar, Sherrie Aradanas, Miguel Arzabe, AXIS Dance, Alexandra
Bell, Michelle Blade, Rebeca Bollinger, Alice Bonczkowski, Terri Bowden,
Lisa Bufano, Casey Byrnes, Amy Cranch, James Davis, Gina Demerell, Arianne
Gelardin, Sonsheree Giles, Emilie Gossiaux, Casey Gray, Lauren Hartman,
Kathleen Henderson, Desiree Holman, Jennifer Justice, Lynn Kirby, Petra
Kuppers and Olimpias, Cara Levine, Neil Marcus, Paulino Martin, Anna Mayer,
Jacob Palmer, David Parsons, Carlos Perez, James Pitt, Carissa Potter,
Rowland Ricketts, Ali Nashke-Messing, Tamra Seal, Katherine Sherwood,
Cassie Thornton, Valerie Tribble, William Tyler, Monica Valentine, Merrit


*Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project (a community partnership with
StoryCorps); Amy Cranch, Anna Halprin's Advanced Performance Lab; Case for
Making; Creative Growth Art Center; Disability Unity Festival at San
Francisco City Hall; Susan Schwartzenberg, Senior Artist and Curator,
For More Info Contact Curators:

​*Arianne Gelardin and Cara Levine*
//  Curator  //  storefrontlab.org

<jjusti1 at uic.edu>

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