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Visually impaired shoot into limelight by taking pictures
January 2015, an ad for soap featuring Katrina Kaif drew four million 
hits online. The still photographs had been shot by 26-year-old Bhavesh 
Patel who was born blind. He had judged Katrina's height by her 
handshake, and followed her movements through her voice and the rustle 
of fabric.

Non-visual photography helping more people express themselves
Sun Zhiyuan uses photography to express his feelings of encountering 
obstacles in the outside world as a person with impaired vision. Photo: 
Courtesy of Sun Zhiyuan
"I can see sensations in my mind," says Sun Zhiyuan, a visually impaired 

CNIB hosts photo exhibit by visually impaired artists

The CNIB Centre, 1929 Bayview Ave., is hosting The Mind’s Eye, its first 
contact photography exhibit featuring visually impaired artists.

Visually impaired woman excels in photography
One recent college graduate from New Underwood got the plug of a 
lifetime at her commencement ceremony last weekend.
Black Hills FOX reporter Heather Janssen caught up with Maysa Hackens 
today to find out more about the woman behind the lens.
A picture is worth a thousand words. A shout out from the president...
President Obama says, "From the time she was an infant, Maysa Hackens, 
has been blind in her right eye and has 75 percent of vision in her left."
....is something money can't match.
Maysa is 20 years old and just last week, she graduated from Lake Area 
Technical Institute with a degree in photography and business.
A career field that many would find difficult to succeed in with her 
visual impairment, but for Maysa...

Oraien Catledge, 86: Cabbagetown photographer ‘saw with his heart’

 Visually impaired since childhood, Atlanta photographer and social 
worker Oraien Catledge “saw with his heart,” said his friend Constance 
Lewis. “His passion and authentic approach to photography was prolific.”


OMG! Katrina Kaif Photographed By Visually Impaired, Looks Stunning

Photography for the visually impaired
Kaustubh Tapal was born blind <http://www.dnaindia.com/topic/blind> with 
a little light perception. A failed surgery took away his light 
perception too at the age of 8 years. But he found a new vision through 
photography when he was introduced to Partho Bhowmick in 2010, who is 
the founder of Beyond Sight Foundation that trains visually-challenged 
people with photography.

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