[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Crowd sourcing project: Unseen Art: experiencing art for the first time

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Thu Nov 19 07:56:01 UTC 2015

The Unseen Art project - 3D printed art for the visually impaired & blind

*We are creating a new opportunity for blind and visually impaired 
people *to experience art.  The project is involving people from all 
over the world to recreate classical art paintings in 3D so that they 
may be touched and felt, both in exhibitions and in people's homes. 3D 
models of the paintings are free and printable anywhere in the world 
where there's access to a 3D printer.

    *"It would be a revolution to get blind people going to art
    galleries, people hate them because there is nothing there to touch!"*

  There are many people in the world who have heard of classical 
artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them.

      **Your contribution will give people the opportunity to experience
      paintings for the first time in their lives. **

Many people around the world have heard of many classical artworks but 
never been able to see them.  Very few in the world have ever touched 
any of them.

*Anyone will be able to experience them for the first time through 
touch*, and create their own impressions and opinions. Make a global 
impact together with us allows blind and visually impaired people and 
anyone interested in art  to personally experience the inspiration, 
education, and thought-provoking feelings that meaningful art creates.

      ***Creating equal access for art globally is our passion and goal.***

By backing our campaign we will be able to approach 3D artists to 
contribute their interpretations of 3D art, and anyone in the world can 
download them for free and print them anywhere there is a 3D printer, 
such as many libraries, Universities, in their homes, or from a local 


      *We cannot do it without you!*

Backing this campaign will help at any level.  All perks will be sent 
out regardless of the amount raised.  We believe in creating connections 
of people and making the world's art freely available.


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