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Wed Mar 9 12:29:22 UTC 2016

Project BLAID will be shoulder-mounted device instead of a wristband

Rutgers professor, student create braille map for visually impaired students

Rutgers Engineers 3D Print Tablet-Sized Campus Maps for Joseph Kohn 
Training Center Students

  How 3D-Printed Maps Are Helping the Blind and Visually Impaired

Engineers and designers are just starting to explore the potential of 
3D-printed maps for the visually impaired.


Touch Mapper: 3D Printed Tactile Maps Allow the Visually Impaired to 
Orient Themselves in Any Location


  Touch Mapper
Download STL files for 3D printing - to print out yourself or order it 
from a firm to print out

LineSpace http://3dprint.com/118793/3d-printed-linespace-tablet/

3D Printed “Linespace” Allows Visually Impaired People to Read and 
Interact with Maps, Diagrams and More

The woman stands at a drafting table, her hands resting lightly on the 
surface. “Berlin center,” she says clearly. A voice responds, “Drawing 
central Berlin,” and a 3D print head lowers into view to lay down a 
raised map of the Berlin city center along with several small circles 
representing homes for sale. The woman runs her hands over the map, then 
lingers on one of the raised circles. She steps on a pedal at the base 
of the drafting table and asks for more detail; the voice dutifully 
responds by quoting the price and specifications of the home in 
question. Unsatisfied, the woman moves her hands to the left of the 
printed map. “Expand here,” she says, and the 3D print head returns to 
extend the map further into Berlin.

It’s called Homefinder, and it’s one of the applications being developed 
as part of Linespace, a tactile display system that allows visually 
impaired people to interact with maps, diagrams, and other spatial data. 
A team of researchers at the Hasso Platner Institut (HPI) in Potsdam, 
Germany have been working on developing the platform, which will be 
formally introduced at CHI 2016, a human-computer interaction conference 
taking place in San Jose May 7-12.


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