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Dear DIAGRAM Community, *
*Registration is now open for the next DIAGRAM webinar:*
*Title:***Accessible Images and Beyond: “DIAGRAM Center +”
*Date:***Wednesday, April 26, 2016
*Time:***11:00am Pacific Time (2:00pm Eastern Time)
*Presenter:***Anh Bui, VP of Benetech Labsand Lead P.I. of the DIAGRAM 
*Register at:https://cc.readytalk.com/r/e7z50lplmwhv&eom*
*Description:***By now you’ve probably heard about Benetech’s new award 
from the Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs 
to expand the work of the DIAGRAM Center. But may not know exactly how 
the new award will affect DIAGRAM’s work or DIAGRAM community members 
like yourself. What does having an expanded scope and mission actually 
involve? How will DIAGRAM build new tools for accessible educational 
materials for students with disabilities? What’s in store for the next 
five years?
Join Anh Bui, Vice President of Benetech Labs, as she gives an encore 
presentation of her 2016 CSUN conference session “Accessible Images and 
Beyond: “DIAGRAM Center +”. Webinar participants will learn what to 
expect from DIAGRAM under the new award, exactly how DIAGRAM’s scope and 
mission has been expanded, and how you can benefit from the new 
resources and technologies DIAGRAM will develop. Registrants will be 
introduced to our new five-year initiative for Born Accessible content, 
our upcoming projects and of course, all that we hope to accomplish as 
we enter this next phase of DIAGRAM.
We hope that you will be able to join us and please share this 
announcement with any of your networks that may be interested in 
learning more about DIAGRAM and our new work.
Thank you for spreading the word!
Amaya Webster
Communities | Global Literacy
DIAGRAM Center |Benetech
amayaw at benetech.org <mailto:amayaw at benetech.org>

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